You can find these anomalies in the raw image from Mars Curiosity PIA16453.

I'm not claiming I'm the first person to find these anomalies. I'm sure others have noticed these.
I see what looks like a number "2" and a number "5" and a "C" and a small figure with two arms.
Maybe its just tricks of light, but I think its strange that all of these anomalies are in one little area of this Curiosity rover panorama.

Are the letters and numbers just watermarks put there by NASA, or is someone having fun with us!?
Or, is this entire panorama total BS!? Does NASA even have a Rover on Mars? How would we know for sure!?

My guess is maybe Sesame Street is now filming episodes on Mars! If anyone sees Bert and Ernie then let me know. Or Oscar the Grouch is my personal favorite!


RAW image - PIA16453.tif - Rocknest 4 part series

whatsupinthesky37 - youtube

eagleman725 - youtube

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