Strange cloud plumes in Martian atmosphere puzzles scientists - Is our understanding of the Martian atmosphere completely wrong? Long fingerlike tendrils poked out from the part of the Red Planet known as the "Martian limb" and astronomers are scratching their heads over the cause.

Scientist Sees Possible Signs Of Ancient Life On Mars In Rover Photos

Huffington Post - Evidence that Mars once harbored alien life continues to mount.

Just weeks after NASA's Curiosity rover detected spikes of methane in the Martian atmosphere--possible evidence of biological activity--a prominent geobiologist says she sees possible signs of past life in photos of the Martian landscape taken by the rover.

Beagle 2 found 12 years after disappearing on Mars - The Beagle 2 Mars lander, lost more than a decade ago after its launch by the European Space Agency (ESA), has been spotted on the surface of the red planet. New images from the HiRise camera on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) show that the coffee-table sized lander — which was designed to unfold "like a giant fob watch" — made it safely to the surface of the planet, but did not fully deploy.

Monolithomania - The Mars and Phobos Monoliths Revisited

CivRadio - Sagan, Kubrick, Aldrin, Oh My! The only thing missing from this story now is Kevin Bacon! What's all the Buzz about!? The Mars and Phobos Monoliths may be old news to some, but for me it was something I hadn't looked into too much until recently. After seeing a bizarre C-SPAN clip featuring Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin talking about a monolith on the moon of Mars, my interest was piqued again.

Life on Mars oddities: ‘Traffic light’ and perfectly-shaped ball spotted on Red Planet - NASA’s Mars rover, the Curiosity, which has been exploring the planet for over two years, fitted with 17 cameras, sent a picture of something that looks much like Earth's traffic lights.

The mobile robot submits plenty of curious pictures from the surface of Mars, which are on public display. This time it was a space enthusiast from the UK, Joe Smith, running an ArtAlienTV YouTube channel, who spotted a striking resemblance.

Marnomalous - Mars Curiosity Rover - Marnomalies Galore

CivRadio - Mars enthusiasts, truth seekers, Youtubers, and news sites alike continue to point out strange anomalies (or "Marnomalies") seen in the raw images sent back by Curiosity's MastCam. People are seeing more than just piles of rocks when viewing these images. The anomalies being highlighted are as diverse as those pointing them out. The list of things people are seeing include ....

Statue of an elongated head identified by NASA in Mars Rover photo - One of Mars rovers photographed what appears to be a stone statue of an elongated head on the Martian surface which, surprisingly, NASA had identified as an anomaly of interest. In a post released today on UFO Sightings Daily, Scott Waring described the stone anomaly as a “Face on Mars.” NASA had pointed out the apparent head statue along with other stone anomalies with different color arrows.


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